Sleep trouble?

Have you ever tried to change the bulbs in your nightlights… to red light bulbs?  There is a reason that your digital clock has numbers in red!  Some research supports the idea that red lighting is more soothing than white lights.  So when you wake up in the middle of the night, your sleep is not as disrupted as it would be with white lights.

Inexpensive and little effort on your part…worth a try, don’t you think?



Long or Complicated Tasks

Do you have a long or complicated task that you never seem to get to and you really don’t want to do?  (Examples include cleaning out a closet, doing a report for school or work, doing your taxes, starting an exercise routine, etc.)

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Smart phones are great for this!  If you are using a kitchen timer and the ticking is distracting, put the timer in a drawer so you can’t hear the ticking (but you are still able to hear the buzzer when it goes off.)

You are probably thinking, “There’s no way I can finish this task in 10 minutes.”

The trick is that most people find that they can do almost anything for 10 minutes!  And they tell themselves that when they start, “It’s only 10 minutes.”

You might just find that you will continue after the 10 minutes, living proof of the physics theory…”“Bodies in motion, tend to stay in motion!”

But what if, for one particular project, you simply cannot bear to do it for more than 10 minutes.  (Cleaning out the closet comes to mind!)  No stress…keep at it daily (or a couple of times a week) for 10 minutes and before you know it, it will be done! Consistency is key.

Stay tuned for other procrastination strategies!


Who has not had difficulty with procrastination? Most people have experienced this challenge!  Think about the local mall on Christmas Eve or the post office the day before April 15th.

Gentle reminders to help you refocus throughout the day can be helpful.  Ask yourself one of the following questions periodically during the day:
… Are you doing what you need to do right now?
… How will you feel if you don’t do this particular task right now?
… Will it get any easier to do this task if you procrastinate… or will it get harder and more stressful?

If asking a question is not your thing, think about a simple statement such as: “Nothing feels better than doing what I need to do right now.”

Perhaps put it into your cell phone for easy access or, even better, set an alert on your phone so the reminder automatically appears throughout the day!

Good luck!

Straightening the house

Do you never seem to get around to straightening up the house?

How about doing 1 or 2 chores either when you get up in the morning, at lunchtime or when you come home in the afternoon? Or maybe one each time you walk in the door.  You decide what works best for you.  These should be easy tasks that take no more than 5 – 10 minutes…like emptying the trash, throwing out the junk mail, picking up clothes, etc.

If you really hate doing the task, put the TV or some music on to help ease the pain and… conquer the procrastination!