“I truly believe that I would not have graduated from [college name omitted] on time if it wasn’t for her. Her kindness and understanding made me so much more motivated and made me feel much more accountable for my work and progress. Not only did she help me with my academic life, she also helped me through some personal issues that were getting in the way of my schoolwork. She made me feel so capable of getting to the places I want to go and I cannot thank her enough for that. I highly recommend her to anybody going through a tough patch in their school career.

When I first started seeing her, I had no idea what assignments were due when and I had no motivation to find out the information. She held me accountable in such a kind and patient way and that really resonated with me during my studies at [college name omitted].  She never once made me feel bad about myself. She only lifted me up and encouraged me throughout my college career.”
K.M., Santa Clara, CA

“I have been struggling with ADHD for years!  Ellen has been helping me stay focused on starting my business…not an easy task!  I can be a challenge, but her nonjudgmental manner helps me stay on track.  I like how she helps me develop my own strategies and I check in with her about four times a week, which helps keep me focused on my goals. She also works with me on coming up with strategies that work.  Dealing with ADHD gets me down sometimes, but Ellen’s approach is upbeat and positive. She works with me to put things in prospective and to not be so hard on myself. “
R.C., Bremerton, WA

“There is no way that I could have started my business without Ellen’s help.   She kept me excited about my business even when my confidence and enthusiasm lagged or when I felt overwhelmed.  She helped me to clarify my priorities so I could plan how best to use my time.  I felt like I had a partner who was invested in my success.

In our brainstorming sessions, she helped me to see blind spots that I would never have recognized without her help.  She was easy to talk to and had a calm demeanor that greatly reduced my anxiety during the rough patches. She was always there to encourage and support me so I was able consistently to generate new ideas and possibilities.”
A.K., West Hills, CA

“Ellen listens carefully and is supportive and enthusiastic. She has a way of guiding me in thinking through a situation that helps me to organize both my thoughts and my follow up activities in a way that makes sense to me.  Because of her business background, I could discuss complex business situations with her.  She understood the nuances of the political environment in which I operated.   So I was able to spend less time explaining the politics of particular situations.  After talking with her, I had a better understanding of my choices, and felt more confident in both the business decisions I’ve made and the activities I implemented to support them.”
M.S., Hollywood, CA

“I recently had a very hectic time between my work schedule, children and so many other things that life throws at you.  In the midst of this chaos, I had one very large application that I had to complete.  I never found the time to even read the instructions, let alone complete the application.  And the mounds of supporting documentation required just made me put off dealing with it even more.

Ellen was invaluable.  She calmly worked with me step by step so that I could gather all the necessary information and finish my application.  There were several letters I needed to write including timelines, facts, lots of details that were difficult for me to put into a concise, cohesive letter.  Ellen helped me to think in a more organized way about the facts and information so what I presented was clear and to the point.

When I was overwhelmed, she would help me break things up into manageable tasks that were easy to tackle. Her attention to detail made me feel confident that everything I sent out was in the best order possible.

She was always encouraging and regularly we checked in so I didn’t lose my motivation.  She made a very painful process a lot less so.  More importantly, as a result of working with her, I was able to submit my completed application, a goal I was not able to accomplish on my own.”
R.W., Thousand Oaks, CA

“I pride myself on being organized but even I had a time when I felt like I was going in a lot of different directions at once (like most people I know).  Ellen helped me to set priorities and stay organized and focused on my goals.  Great help!”
B.B., Calabasas, CA

“For about 10 years I thought about expanding my business internationally.  The problem was that I never got around to doing anything about it.  Ellen was able to get me to think concretely about how to lay out a plan to explore different possibilities.

While working with Ellen, I was able to identify many international business opportunities.  Also, in our brainstorming sessions, she often offered a different take on the opportunities that enhanced my understanding.  The bottom line is that with her help, I made better business decisions about these opportunities—no question.”
C. R., Los Angeles, CA