Managing Your ADHD: Tips and Strategies from A to Z

Managing-Your-ADHDThis book takes an exciting, new approach to providing a wealth of tools and strategies to the ADHD community.

  • The book was written in outline form so it is easy to read.
  • The information is easy to find because each challenge is a separate chapter and the chapters are listed in alphabetical order like “Anxiety, ” “Bill-Paying,” “Career.”
  • There is no need to read the entire book because you can choose to read only the topics that interest you and skip the rest.
  • There is no need to buy multiple ADHD books to find strategies. For example, the tips listed under “Procrastination” can be used by a student, parent, executive or anyone else who has ADHD or is impacted by someone with ADHD.
  • The book uses no technical terms because the focus is on solutions and strategies.
  • The book includes coaching questions to help you move from inaction to positive self-action.
  • The book is reasonably priced so that the tips and strategies we have accumulated over many years of coaching can benefit the largest possible audience.


What experts are saying:

“A hugely helpful book! Practical, tested in the trenches of real life, and extremely reader-friendly. This book is a godsend to the distracted world!”
Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D., an author of Delivered from Distraction: Getting the Most Out of Life With ADD
“Ellen Cohen and Kathy Sussell have given the ADHD world the gift of an extremely reader-friendly, well-constructed, richly accessible book to turn to while evolving in their struggle. Chapters by ADHD challenge will direct folks to bulleted, crisp strategies to implement immediately. The chapter on careers will provide readers with quick action steps toward finding what job situations will work for them, long-term. Bravo!”
Wilma Fellman, M.Ed., LPC, author of Finding a Career That Works for You, and The Other Me: Poetic Thoughts on ADD for Adults, Kids and Parents
“This book succeeds where many fail. It manages to be (literally) an A to Z guide of sage advice, while still maintaining an easy-to-use, step-by-step structure and feel for the unique ADHD brain.”
Alan Brown, creator of ADD Crusher™ and host of Crusher™TV
Managing Your ADHD: Tips and Strategies From A to Z is a simple yet powerful resource for adults, parents and professionals managing or supporting individuals and families with ADHD. Packed with easy-to-find information, this book provides the reader with clear steps toward tackling common problems, such as bill paying, relationships and worry. Worth reading!”
Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, SCAC, BCC, trainer, coach and author of Empowering Youth With ADHD
“How exciting! A very much needed book, indeed. I like the topics, chapters and purpose of the book.”
Todd Perlmutter, LCSW
“A practical and positive how-to guide to get from inaction to positive self-action.”
K. S. Yasgoor, Ph.D., SPHR, CEC
“What a great book! So many practical strategies that are quick to find and easy to read.”
Meryl Schwarz, M.A., M.Ed.