I Love Being an ADHD Coach…

I have been coaching for over 8 years now and I never grow tired of it.  I enjoy the constant learning in the ADHD coaching field…new research, strategies, apps, etc.  I also love learning about my clients…their different jobs, colleges and interests.

However, the most exciting part of coaching for me is understanding how my clients’ ADHD affects their daily lives and helping them find strategies to manage it.  I view it as a puzzle, finding the exact strategies that work for each client.

Each person with ADHD is a different, unique person from every other person who has ADHD.  I have not found any two clients who possess exactly the same set of ADHD characteristics.  Additionally, even if two clients share a characteristic, it is highly likely that they will each use a different strategy to manage that characteristic.

The strategy of using a calendar for planning and organizing is a good example.  Some clients prefer paper calendars.  (I even had an IT professional who chose this option!)  Others like to use smart phones, Outlook, etc.  Still others like the combination of technology and paper.  Some may add a day planner, a notebook, post-its, a whiteboard, etc.  The possible combinations are endless.

The excitement clients experience when we uncover a new tool or combination of strategies that help them manage their daily lives better is truly gratifying to me.

Before coaching, I was a practicing attorney.  Although I enjoyed that profession very much, I find coaching even more rewarding.  As a coach, I help clients to avoid pitfalls that can create significant problems down the road.  For example forgetting to pay bills or taxes, or always showing up late for work can be disastrous.  With my support, clients develop strategies so that they never have to face these situations.

Coaching is an ideal profession for me because I am constantly learning and enjoy the process of helping my clients discover tools to help them live more productive lives.  An added benefit is that my clients are remarkable people.  They are wildly creative, highly intelligent and extremely resilient.  In my world, work does not get any better than being an ADHD coach!